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A young competitor's mom writes about how Gluquestrian has helped "IMP" and her daughter create success in competition. It's a long, but interesting, story of heart ache, generosity, struggle, and triumph. If you, or someone you know, rides dressage, hunter jumper, or you're interested in eventing take the time to read her lengthy, but inspiring, letters of the success of a retired horse with DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease) and a lot of heart that is given another chance by a young rider, her parents, and Gluquestrian. Click Here

"May 2004 I was told by my farrier and vet that I needed to put my horse down and there were no other 'humane' options. My favorite endurance horse had foundered so badly that his coffin bone had rotated to 16° (see photo 1 below).

Was told he is beyond help.
Signs of improvement
10-13-2004 right foot after 6 months of Gluquestrian and a good ferrier!
Back to normal!
Left "normal" foot, included for comparison.

Dee Matlock, of Singing Springs, told me about 'Gluquestrian' and how it dealt with Navicular Syndrome and other serious joint problems. Dee told me that Gluquestrian was the best joint supplement on the market, and that if it wouldn't help nothing would. I called the company, and spoke to Terry. He reassured me that it would work, and that it would take 6 months at the high dose... and that if it didn't, MD's Choice would refund my money. Further, I was told it it didn't contain any pain killers or herbs, so I shouldn't expect any difference [for my horse's problem] in one or two containers, but their guarantee would cover the initial treatment period. I was skeptical about the Results Based Guarantee, but had it in writing and Dee's verbal assurance - I figured that I had nothing more to lose. I fed 4 scoops two times per day. I tried it, and within the six months I saw results. It really worked!

There is noticeably less pain and even better movement. I knew that my horse would survive, and is improving. The amazing thing is that my vet tested the rotation at the six month point, and it was back to 53° (see photo 3 & 4 above). My farrier and vet can't believe it's the same horse. From the front, you can't even tell the horse was foundered. The x-rays of my horse (shown above) prove the rotation is gone. My horse is sound! I am riding him again! Now I'm adding the TotalMobility EQ for the contracted hoof. Gluquestrian is amazing, and I highly recommend it. In fact, I'd like to sell it at the events I attend, because I have seen what it can do! - Tammy Nute, Endurance Rider, Northern California

"I'm a Quarter Horse breeder in NW Wisconsin, and was having problems with my 22 year old mare, and her right knee swelling. The vet said there was nothing I could do......the arrogant bugger......I'll be showing him some photos!!! Anyhow, after speaking with you [Terry] and ordering Gluquestrian (August 8th, 2005), I went out and took some pictures of "Quinny's" knee, so I had some documentation. I do admit, I was skeptical, yet hopeful this product would work. Since the arrival of Gluquestrian, I've had Quinny on the high dose of 4 scoops/day. I've noticed in the past week that I see her laying down in the pasture, as well as rolling occasionally...this is a good thing...she's not colicky, she's just feeling comfortable, in my opinion. I hadn't seen her lay down in months! Today, I went out and took pictures of her knee again, and have enclosed comparisons for you. We have a ways to go, but it's only been 3 weeks, and I think I'm being realistic in that her knee isn't going to look like a 2 year old, but she is moving better, and seems much more comfortable. I've also e-mailed the comparisons to other friends of mine who own older horses, and have not seen the results with their Absorbine, or other products. We really need your products in our area... I can certainly help to promote them!!!!!! Will be calling to place another order. Hope you too, can see the difference. Thanks, Terry [and MD's Choice]!" - Lynn Bystrom

August 8, 2005, before starting Gluequestrian

Front View

Lateral View
August 30, 2005, after only three weeks on Gluquestrian

Front View

Lateral View

November 17, 2005 Update: "Quinny's knee is coming along........I'm sure we're not going to see a total resolve of the issue, but she's acting great, and is now able to lay down, where she wasn't before (at least from what I witnessed). Our farrier even noticed the difference! She's still somewhat arthritic, but I was only hoping to help her, and not reverse the aging process!" Note: Repair of damaged joints takes time, and healing can occur. With many of our customers, the aging related joint problems are reversed!

"I bought an ex-race horse in Oct of 2005. He was such a sweetheart but I was taking a big gamble because his front fetlocks were not only fused, but they were massively enlarged from arthritis. My vet said I shouldn't buy him, that their was no way he would ever be sound enough to play in his paddock, let alone be ridden. Most horses' bulb of their heel can com within 1/2 an inch of touching their ergot. That's normal flexion...I couldn't even BEGIN to flex his ankle. That's how bad it was. However, because of his big heart he walked with his ears up and acted like a normal horse...I knew he was worth everything! I looked around and found this product. I liked everything about and after 2 weeks of use, "Peyton" was flexing a little and his enlarged fetlocks weren't so enlarged!! Now after 2 1/2 months of being on Gluquestrian, I can walk/trot/canter and ride him for hours without him pulling up, favoring and his ears are forward the whole time. His right fetlock is just about normal sized now and his left, which was the worst of the two, is barely enlarged now! I recommended Arthrosamine to my Grandmother who has severe arthritis, it took me an hour to convince her that Peyton's stuff was made from the human stuff. She grudgingly tried it and 1 month later she called me thanking me profusely and is recommending it to all of her friends. She was an avid bowler and hopefully someday before she gets too unable, she will be able to throw the ball again!!!! THANK YOU MD's CHOICE!!!!!!" – J. WEISHAAR (LA GRANDE, OR)

"Two months ago our 17 year old Tennessee walking horse, Beauregard, began to have trouble getting up for breakfast. He is one of the 13 horses who eagerly greet me every morning but after three days of his stiffness and being the last one up we decided to look into a remedy. Your product Gluquestrian was recommended by our trusted local feed store owner, Ventura Hay in Ojai. After only one week of the 2 tsp per feeding our Beau was again up and insisting to be fed first. After that I gave him one scoop [per feeding] and his improvement has continued. I'm convinced that Gluquestrian is what helped him and we have now have him on the maintenance dose." – Christine Carr, CA

"I've been using MD's Choice Gluquestrian for nearly a decade, and have personally seen the improvement and promotion of joint health in many of my horses. Having tried many other joint products in the past, I've never found a better product than Gluquestrian. God bless the manufacturers of good joint supplements!" – Sally Cobb, Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center, North San Diego, CA

"BTW [By The Way], one of the supplements I am giving is Gluquestrian, which I give to our TB mare who competes at Training level eventing. When Pilgrim arrived, he clicked a lot, which really doesn't bother me. After 10 days on the Gluquestrian, there is NO clicking!" – Lori Tankel,

"In 2004 I had a paint mare that was cut on the pastern. The cut was so deep that it grazed the membrane between the pastern joints. The vet wanted to put her down, we refused. They vowed that she would be lame and never ridden again. Three surgeries later and Gluquestrian supplements we are now riding the mare again after one year. I believe that your product helped the healing process and helped replenish the damaged membrane. P.S. We now ride her on trail and in Gymkanas." – Lisa Butler

"I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your product, Gluquestrian. I have a 24 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare who has had numerous health problems throughout her life with me. ( I have had her 23 years.) I decided to try Gluquestrian when it became apparent to me that she was losing her interest in moving about the paddock and barn. She was laying down more and more and becoming less mobile, almost daily. After 4 months on Gluquestrian, she has resumed a more normal movement pattern and shows considerably more interest in her surroundings. She has a more alert appearance, I assume because her joint discomfort has lessened. Her appetite has improved and she has almost completely stopped laying down during the day. Due to bone degeneration in her hooves, she was experiencing chronic abscesses, but even that has abated. We are, needless to say, extremely pleased. Her comfort has always been my top concern and I think this product has finally helped to achieve this goal. I have managed to wean her from the Bute she needed and she has been off the Bute for almost 3 months. This obviously has helped her stomach and I assume this is why her appetite is back. I thank you and Penny thanks you for a great product!" – Lue Ann Lott

"WOW!! I can't believe what a change your product has made on my horse, Devlin! Prior to giving him the Gluquestrian, he was creaking a lot and tripping behind.....after giving him your product, he has been going wonderfully with no creaking! I just ran out of your product in the last month and thought maybe I could get by without it, and sure enough....he is creaking and tripping again! So, it looks like Devlin will be on Gluquestrian forever now as it has made such a difference for him and for me! Thanks so much! Keep up the great work! We love your product!" Best Regards, – Anita LePage Owner / Designer Cowgirls Don't Cry

"I have been giving my 2 Horses (21 and 22 years old your joint supplement [Gluquestrian] for 5 months now. Have never seen them move as good as they are moving now. Both mares act like they are much younger and are full of life and run and buck in the pasture where they haven't been doing that for years. I love your product and have gotten 4 other people in my barn on your product after they saw what it did for my 2 mares. Thank you so much. I have tried many other joint supplements, but none has worked as well as yours." – Kathy Herring

"My mare was diagnosed with arthritis/caudle heel syndrome in November. She would come out of her stall limping with a head bob and was on 2g of Bute daily. I found after much research into the many products available for joints/flex, etc, that Gluquestrian was the most cost effective and the easiest to use. I didn't like the messy liquids and the injections were too expensive. I also like that the dose can be adjusted depending on the problem, results, weight and environment. Gluquestrian has a full money back guarantee! If your horse is not better, return for a full refund! That policy I found VERY attractive.

"I started using the Gluquestrian and stopped the Bute after a few days. After 12 weeks of the double loading dose (last week) I am so happy to say, yesterday my vet was out and we saw no signs of lameness, she's had no Bute for 12 weeks and we're ready to ride again! My vet asked that I keep her on the maintenance dose. Honestly I thought I might be asking for a refund but happily, I called Terry at MD's Choice yesterday to let him know of our progress. Last night I started my gelding on the maintenance dose to PREVENT him from future problems. I have had wonderful results with my horse with arthritis with a product called Gluquestrian. The article on their website helped me compare products and understand more about ingredients. Gluquestrian is a glucosamine product made for horses.

"I highly recommend Gluquestrian. The people at MD's Choice could not have been more friendly or knowledgeable about flex products. I didn't mean to ramble here, I'm just very happy to have my mare back and know how scary and heartbreaking it is to see your horse not feel his/her best. Good luck and please contact me if I can help in any way." – Anita Pierce, Spoiled Rottin Ranch, Sorrento, FL

"It's only been 4 weeks since putting my 19 year old mare with arthritic hocks on your Gluquestrian. and I am seeing results already, and expect to see her moving even more fluidly with time. I had her on a 99% Chondroitin product for 9 months and she didn't appear to be benefiting by it. After reading your website I understand why. Now, my friends watch her maneuver her way down a rocky hill and she gets looks of amazement at her agility for an old arthritic mare. Thank you for helping my horse feel better and helping me to ride my mare to my heart's content." – Anonymous

"I can't believe the results. I have to say I went in this with little hope. After trying so many other products and investing too much in them I had come to the conclusion that my son's navicular horse would end up in surgery. NO WAY now. He has been on the 1000 gram at 4 scoops twice a day since October 28th and you would never know he was suffering from Navicular Syndrome. I'm pleasantly surprised. I can't wait for our vet and farrier to see him. I haven't told them I put him on anything since they are so doubtful on anything helping. What a surprise they will have. I have also put my retired German Shepherd on the Beefy Chews with amazing results. I will be placing my other two on it as soon as I finish the other product I have been using. I have a 21 year old horse that is showing signs of arthritis. Thanks for caring enough to create such great products." – Sandra, Acres of Grace Ranch

"Performance horses exert a lot of stress on their joints and support tissue. It is imperative that care is taken to prevent injuries in my performance animals as well as having reinforcements to aid in healing should injury occur. I use MD's Choice Gluquestrian™ as a daily feed supplement for my horses because it contains key nutrients that support joint fluid and cartilage, as well as the connective tissue that is vital to peak performance in the arena. I know of no other product that offers the bio-availability of the key nutrients necessary to keep my horses' joints in top condition and that gives them the range of motion they need to work cattle. Feed it to your horses for 4-6 weeks and you will see the difference if makes in their performance." – Elbert Lumley, ex-Owner/Publisher, Arena Talk Magazine and Team Penning Pro

"Within only a few weeks after we started using Gluquestrian™, our staff noticed a significant improvement in the over all health of our horses' joints. The horses are visibly feeling better, they are no longer in pain, and that makes the collection process a lot easier for both the horses and handlers. We have found that it helps our pregnant mares move better, and believe it helps the foals have healthier joints even before they are delivered." – Ricky Womack, Glen Oak Farms

"You product works quickly, it is very palatable, and it is very cost effective. Gluquestrian™ does NOT have any filler or any unnecessary bullsh-- in it! I have had great results with your product... and the ones that start on it stay on it! This is an excellent product." – Dr. John Bennett, DVM

"We've seen dramatic response in horses with significant joint pathology. We love the fact it's so easy to give and you know you get 100% consumption. We've tried most all other oral joint products... Gluquestrian is the only oral joint supplement we use, because it really works!" – Dr. Charlene Cook, DVM, Central Georgia Equine Services

"After having hock surgery, for severe spurs, on my rodeo horse, I was told by my vet that I needed to keep injecting her hocks. Since putting her on Gluquestrian I haven't had to do any more injections. I previously tried other products, and just didn't see the results I see with your product. I don't have to give her Bute or Banamine any longer, and she's no longer sore. She is a very hard turning, rear-end using horse, and since putting her on this product I have not noticed any further hock problems! I highly recommend Gluquestrian." – Sharon Roberts, WPRA member – Pro Barrel Racing Circuit

"There is a need to maintain optimal joint health while participation in performance sports, such as endurance. The horse I am now riding has a severe fear of needles. Giving him Adequan shots was a monthly 'fist fight'. No type of training or desensitization helped. I needed an alternative. I understood that studies had shown the oral products just produced expensive manure. A research pharmacologist friend told me about MD's Choice. She explained the various chemical reactions required (for a joint supplement to be effective) and why she though MD's Choice has well designed products. Based on this, I decided to give MD's Choice's Gluquestrian a try. I gave my last Adequan shot as a 'preload', and started immediately on Gluquestrian. That was a little over a year and 700 endurance miles ago, and I am very pleased with the results. I sure don't miss the monthly 'fist fight' with my buddy. Also, their human product sure helps keep this rider's old 'creaky' ankles and knees pain free." – Truman Prevatt, PhD. & President SE Endurance Riders Association

"If it is a joint problem, the results are obvious within 6 to 8 weeks. As a farrier, I have been personally using and referring your products in the Indiana area for the last [nine] years. With over [15] years in the business, I have tried them all! Your formulas are the best! They really work - on horses, dogs, and people." – Dan Froedge, Crawfordsville, IN

"Injecting is pretty drastic. I have one of my event horses, who used to compete at the advanced levels, so has some mileage on her, and was diagnosed with DJD 3 years before we got her. My vet suggested I put her on Gluquestrian, which I did. I have had her on it for 2 years now. We have never had any soundness problems, despite the fact that we compete her at training level and school her at preliminary level. Understand, this is a horse that was diagnosed with DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease) and given no hope of ever riding much again without lameness issues. I absolutely swear by this product. You can get it through your vet [or finer tack & feed stores]." – Lori Tankel,

"I have 3 horses, one is turned out with not much grass but he is an extremely easy keeper so he gets 1 flake alfalfa with oat pellets (he is 15) 2x a day otherwise he becomes very overweight. My other 2 ([ages] 13 & 5, both mares) are in large paddocks and they are ridden 4-5 times a week. I use these 2 for barrel racing. Their feeding schedule is Alfalfa hay, oat pellets mixed with some alfalfa meal to help with a dry joint supplement (Gluquestrian) and Natural Glow as a top dressing 2x a day with access to a salt block. The older mare had some lameness issues, supposedly Navicular ( per UC Davis and my vet). She was on vacation for a long time and great attention has been paid to her shoeing and [Gluquestrian was added to her feed]. She has improved tremendously. ( I thought I would never ride her again let alone compete on her) My horses well being is first and foremost. Otherwise, everyone is very healthy, weight and energy wise." – De , Barrel Racer, Santa Rosa, CA

"Our vet said, 'Endurance? I think Pony Club.' She had tons of spirit but was very sensible. Our friends said, 'Are you sure she will be able to do endurance? She's so quiet!'. I told them that it was all in there I was just keeping her quiet, but it would be there when I wanted it. And it sure was!! Cara is super fun to ride, she is playful and being from racing breeding, loves to run. Very challenging to rate at rides. I currently give Gluquestrian a joint supplement, and have generally given some sort of joint supplement throughout her career." – Jennifer S. Klein, AERC Endurance Rider, on Caribbeaan Queen+/ "Cara" 3040 Miles, 53 ride completions

"Hello - I was reading all the questions and discussions on Joint Supplements. The best product out there is Gluquestrian. My horses 20 and 21 are both doing really great on this product. Go to for all the information. Hope this helps." – Kathy Herring

"In the summer of 2002, my paint gulding, Barlink Ninja, then 6 years old, was diagnosed with a coffin bone joint injury on his right front foot. After a 3 Adequan treatments, he was still limping. At that time, my veterinarian gave him a 40% chance of recovery. Being very upset that day, I went to a local Co-op to see if they could offer any help. I started looking at the joint supplements on the shelf, and discovered Gluquestrian for the 'total joint health' and asked the clerk about it. She said that they had just got it in, and I could call the company on their toll free number. So called, and Terry answered the phone. He was very concerned and helpful, suggesting the I start at 6 scoops of the supplement a day, because of the severity of the problem (and recent Adequan use). Because of the money back guarantee I decided to give it a try. I started feeding Gluquestrian the next day.

Two weeks later my horse was not limping! Giving him the rest of the year and the winter off, and keeping with my veterinarians suggestions. In the spring, I started light lungeing in circles, to promote weight on his foot, then light arena riding, and in the summer of 2003 (just past a year on Gluquestrian), my horse Nija has been on 3 trail rides an a local tree farm. The last ride being 2 1/1 hrs. long.. Ninja is still receiving a maintenance dose of 2 scoops of the Gluquestrian powder a day, and is doing great! [Remember, my vet said there was a 40% chance of recovery from that injury]. I want to thank Drs. David Davenport, DVM, Eric Martin, DVM, Michael Bishop MD, PhD for their great product, and their representative Terry Mercer for his patience and help. I would recommend this product to anyone for their horse with joint problems, and as a preventative for joint problems." Cherri Lynn Lunn, Everett, WA

Dear makers of Gluquestrian,

Since opening our boarding/training facility in 2003, we have had several success stories with Gluquestrian including three horses who suffered with advanced navicular syndrome where the vets recommended euthanization. 

With an excellent hoof trimmer and Gluquestrian, these horses have gone on to be pain-free, symptom-free sound riding horses. Whenever I meet someone whose horse is dealing with navicular issues, I tell them to use Gluquestrian and a good trimmer! – Sally Cobb, Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center, North San Diego, CA

People who make a living with their horses want the best product they can get, and they want cost-effective results. Some of our more well known equine products customers are:

Julie Burns, Olympic Rider
Marcia Kulak, Olympic Rider
Norita Henderson, 1966 World Grand Champion Barrel Racer
Lynn Crespo, Pharmacologist
Dr. Brogli, DVM, Brogli, Weaver, and Lane

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