Product Ingredient & Usage Information


Indicated for use in animals for support of joints and other connective tissue structures.


Each serving (2 teaspoons for a maintenance dose) of Gluquestrian™ contains at least:

* Based on a 3-year shelf life

Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL: Important to building and maintaining joint fluid, hyaline cartilage and other connective tissues, such as tendons and ligaments, which are vital for joint health.

MSM: MSM supplies biologically active sulfur, which is an important element in connective tissue, skin, hair, hooves, immune function, amino acid formation and numerous other reactions in the body.

Manganese (amino acid chelate): This nutrient has been found to be essential in the formation of skeletal cartilage. Manganese supplementation can improve the overall health of joints and other connective tissues. Severe deficiencies can lead to joint disease.

Ascorbate: Widely known as Vitamin C, this nutrient is essential in collagen synthesis, which is vital to the health of a joint. However, human beings and guinea pigs are the only mammals that do not make their own Vitamin C. It is contained in our products for two reasons, because:

  1. People use our products for their own personal benefit (all our products use human-grade ingredients).
  2. It adds shelf life (3 years minimum) and ingredient stability to our products.


Testing (for Competitions & Shows):

Everything in this product is "natural TO THE BODY" and normally found in a healthy body. However, supplementation can elevate the levels of some of the ingredients. We have had no bad or negative reports of testing in the equine community in a wide variety of disciplines, competition types, and events. However, some competitions (particularly in feed animals in Texas) use MSM as a "marker" for DMSO use and automatically assume (often incorrectly) that it must necessarily mean DMSO is being illegally used. Therefore, you will need to check with that specific organization and/or events policy on MSM use to determine how you can best benefit from our product. Understand that heavy dosing of MSM elevate levels for 48 to 72 hours.

Daily Equine Maintenance Dose:

Available in the Following Sizes:

* Based on an average maintenance dose for a 900 - 1,200 horse that has moderate joint problems. All nutrition should be based on weight, age, and severity of problem. First time users will see the best results when a loading dose is used (twice the average maintenance dosage) for 3 to 8 weeks, until a physical difference is noticed.

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